take care of your clothes

Here we leave you a few practical tips that will allow you to better preserve your clothes for much longer. Washing steps:

Is it necessary to wash the garment? On many occasions it is not, brushing and ventilating it is enough. In this way we ensure that the garment deteriorates less and we collaborate with the environment, saving energy.

Read the instructions on the label of each garment, especially if it is the first time we wash it.

Once we know how we should wash it, we must read the manufacturer's instructions for the products that we are going to use. If we make excessive use of detergents and fabric softeners, our clothes can get stained and also cause skin reactions.

Once the garment has been washed, check again on the label the instructions for drying and ironing.

Some tips and tricks

If you have to use bleach, never do it in an iron, copper or brass container, and always in cold water.

It is preferable to use whiteners than bleach, since the latter creates a greater deterioration of the fabrics.

When you go to wash by hand, first dissolve the detergent well, once it is well diluted, introduce the garment. If it is a delicate garment, it is better not to twist it.

Do not store dirty clothes indoors, it is advisable to ventilate them before storing them.

If the garment is damp, it is advisable to wait until it is completely dry.

When washing shirts and T-shirts, first turn the sleeves inside out and turn up the collars.

In any garment that has a zipper, close it before washing, the same for ribbons or laces, they must be tied beforehand. But when it comes to buttons, it is better to undo them, so that the garment does not tear with the spin.

If a garment has localized stains, be they coffee, chocolate, ink, etc. It is recommended that before putting it in the washing machine, the stain is removed with the help of a specific stain remover, but do not experiment with them.

It is always better to wash clothes inside out.

For those delicate garments, such as stockings, garments with ornaments, etc. use a network.

Cottons, without being dyed and/or printed, tend to fade, wash them separately the first time.

Linen always at hand, the spin deforms it. You can iron it at medium temperature.

Silk fabrics must be ironed at a low temperature and without using steam. Do not use spin wash programs, always programs for delicate garments.

It is advisable to wash denim clothing separately and inside out because it tends to fade, especially the first few times.

Garments made of synthetic fabrics (lycra, polyester, nylon) are very sensitive to heat, wash them and iron them at a low temperature and inside out.

When it comes to wool garments, do not wash at a very high temperature, cold water is preferable, in this way we avoid shrinkage. This fabric tends to deform, so you should use a short spin program with reduced mechanical action. When laying it out, do it on a horizontal surface.